Jambo Jambo (hello) from close to the Ugandan border! I'm so happy to report that I'm chilling in my Kenyan hotel room as a proper deluge commences outdoors. See the final pic with the sunburnt nose. I'm doing my due diligence with sunscreen but the East African sun burns bright. I'm having a wonderful adventure here so far and thought I'd take advantage of the wifi connection at the aforementioned hotel to send a dispatch. My apologies for the lack of scenic photos. I'm carrying a Nikon dslr for the important shots like the families of warthogs and baboons I've seen crossing the road in front of me (both of which are impressive if not intimidating to see in the wild), zebras, camels, gazelles, and brightly colored exotic birds I've encountered so far, as well as landscapes and other beautiful cultural moments like the hordes of village kids that come running for me in almost every village I pass yelling Mzungu! Which is Swahili for white man. I'm quite a spectacle here. They don't see many Mzungus riding by on a bicycle. In fact I think I've received three tacit offers of marriage thus far. :-) So you'll have to settle for random selfies and off the cuff phone shots for now. That first shot is a young Kenyan cyclist named Boaz Peter that cycled with me for hours. A few selfies at lunch break spots, a football (soccer in US jargon) game I happened upon , and the smoked fish with traditional African spices and chapati I had for dinner tonight. The following pic is the resulting expression. I found an NGO worker in Uganda via an adventure cyclist website (Warmshowers.org) who is in the states on vacation but is arranging for me to use her apartment in Jinga, Uganda during her absence. How amazing and gracious! I've been the recipient of a lot of that kind of generosity so far. One police officer I met tried to give me 500 Kenyan shillings. The opposite of police bribery! Much love from under African skies... Jerry