Hello friends and family,

I happened upon a wifi signal again and thought I'd take advantage. This one will be more photos and less text because I'm exhausted and going to slip into unconsciousness soon.

Oleyota (sp?) is Ugandan for 'how are you?'. I've learned a little Ke Swahili in Kenya then discovered Ugandans have their own language so doing my best to pick up a little of it. Today a group of villagers went crazy, screaming and laughing when a Mzungu (they still use that word for white man) answered their 'how are you' with 'I'm fine, how are you?' in their native language. They loved it. Briefly - I paid a bribe to the Ugandan police after being arrested for taking a photo of the source of the River Nile in Jinja, UG. Had two rough nights of very little sleep in guest rooms attached to bars/dance places with loud music into the wee hours. Saw more wild baboons and actually got photos of them on my phone. Ate lunch while a crowd of village children watched every move I made. Found a very gracious host here in Fort Portal and will be saving my strength for the coming hills. I'm getting into more mountainous territory and will cross a national park in the next couple days that has all the iconic African wildlife. :-) Photos attached. Much love from under African skies (and yes, I do get that song stuck in my head these days),